Hi there! I’m Lucky!

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know my blog and store better!

I’m the designer/artist behind the scenes at Lucky Design World – Zazzle Store and blog!

As a creative, I’ve always been drawing, doodling, coordinating outfits, painting (using acrylics) – and – recently got into graphic design and illustrations!

It was when I started digitizing my art that it became possible for me to find a fun side-hustle hobby!

This is where Zazzle came into my life!

I read some articles online and visiting Zazzle.com and said to myself that this is something I can do too!

Soon after, my store was created in October of 2016. I specialize in French quotes that are motivational and Hawaiian Aloha Lifestyle designs because they are inspirational and, not to mention, fun! There are even collections that feature good luck symbols.

A month and a half later, I got my first sale! It was this cute and adorable design!

It was so fun to know that someone was enjoying something I created that had a meaningful message in addition to the cute illustration! 


You guessed it!

Right after,  I became determined to keep going and learn each month on how to improve and get more designs in my store.

But, I took my time to write better descriptions for each design for my store, learn about other products that Zazzle offers such as business cards and invitations, and found out about Pintrest !

Then I started writing for this blog. It is was and is continually a process!

In April 2017, I added a few little articles, then the following month I discovered that I could, actually, write longer posts, such as Creative and Chic Zazzle Stores Roundup that was over one thousand eight hundred words!

Let’s see what the next months bring!

Designer + Blogger in the Making! 

This blog is a dedicated space to showcase not only my designs but designs from other Zazzlers – because – there is so much creativity and stylish products out there to tell you about!

Another thing to note – this blog is still growing! It will, surely, evolve and expand to include more topics!

But, as I blogger, I know I need to grow and sharpen some new skills!

Are you interested too?

Follow along because –

when I  learn something about blogging, designing or learn something about Zazzle  or find some amazing designs –  I’ll make sure to post it!


Fun Facts

  • Art is my Jam!
  • All of the featured images I create for this blog are made using – free – digital software!
  • Sci-Fi is my current favorite to read! I’d recommend “Caves of Steel” because that’s what I’m rereading!
  • Coffee is a must first thing in the morning!
  • Afternoon caffeine is some Yerba Mate tea.
  • I’ve even learned some new languages! On my International Page, I created a thank you list in the languages that Zazzle currently uses for it’s international domains! Check it out when you click here!
  • Lucky is my pen name! I use it because it’s part of my store’s design and it also makes me remember how lucky I am to create art everyday! It also, reminds me of how lucky I am in other areas of my life that I started creating a gratitude list every day!

Thank You!

Warmest thanks to Lucky Design World’s fantastic customers!!

A special thank you to anyone who recommended and referred my designs!

Continued gratitude extended to the ever-growing and supportive network of kind, generous and loyal people that stop by and follow!

Thank you to Siteground for providing continued excellent service in hosting this website and making the possibility of sharing my stories and collections come true.

Thank you to Zazzle for making my artistic designs available for sale in a convenient fashion for customers around the world.