Creative and Chic Zazzle Stores Roundup: Issue 5


Volume 1, Issue 5.

Celebrating Creativity! 

Hi there! Good news – I’ve decided to continue the Creative and Chic Zazzle Stores Roundup series!

Mostly because I LOVE finding incredible designs and sharing them with you!

Along the way, I’ve not only found creative Zazzle Stores but  I’ve also met their amazingly cool Designers!

This June, there are going to be four more roundups – starting with this one!


Why create Zazzle Stores Roundups?

Because Zazzle’s Market Place is gigantic!

It can be frustrating shopping sometimes because you may not have the time to scroll through pages upon pages to find exactly what you’re looking for….

You can search for a particular design but when you get your search results what comes up…well, it’s just not your style.

Other times, the variety of choices can be overwhelming and distracting…

Or even, you may not even know what you want until you see and like a design!

What are you going to find in this issue?

Rest assured that is Zazzle Stores Roundup will be a fun post!

You can save yourself time and find great Zazzle Stores here and could end up finding what you’re looking for!

All of the designs here are going to be stylish.

More importantly, you’re going to find designs that are:

  • unique
  • contemporary
  • trendy
  • stunningly chic
  • charming
  • cute
  • artistic
  • and more!

You may end up surprising yourself and find an extraordinarily cute design you have to get for someone’s birthday or for the holidays!

Or you could end up getting a nice gift –  all for yourself – just because!

Let me put my creative, editorial, designing eye to good use!

Remember too, that all the products chosen in this and every roundup here is going to be quality – always!


Here’s the Zazzle Store Roundup This Week!

Marble’s Pictures

Did you know that this store has over 5,300+ designs? It’s amazing! There are many professional landscape photography choices to chose from.

In addition to that, there is an impressive selection of animal photographs! Ranging from horses and lizards to cute,  lovable dogs and more variety too such as wildlife!

But, you’ll find in the store some charming artworks and patterns too!

Here’s what I found:

“I believe in you” Postcard

This is an eye-catching artwork for a postcard. This also has a motivational quote which is always popular!

Some neat design aspects to this design is the background doesn’t compete with the handprint!

The background is supportive just like sunshine!

The palm shows it’s unique designs in a fun pattern filled with different color combinations and designs.

My favorite part is that there are two little hearts that are together in the middle!

The motivational message is in a script hand-lettering look: “I believe in you!”

Wouldn’t this make an excellent gift? Who can you think of right now that would love get this fabulous artsy postcard? 


Heart Bag

Here’s another artistic design from Marble’s Pictures’ store! It’s a tote bag!

Doesn’t it just stand out?

It’s a contemporary design of a brick wall what is an ordinary blue….

but then –

there’s a gigantic heart shining in bright yellows, warm pinks, shiny oranges and a green brick just to change it up a bit and be more unique!

This design is so charming!

Wouldn’t this bag look cute to have everyday? 

“It Starts With A Vision” iPhone Case

This digital design features some cool stars along with an inspirational phrase!

The design has a beautiful balance between the dark space and the blue gradients.

There is a constellation in the background.

It also has a shining star!

(Is anyone else thinking of the song by Earth Wind and Fire? yay! if you are!)

The motivation is to plan and create something for yourself! What do you see for yourself in the next few months? What do you want to accomplish or perhaps, take a brake from?

See the beauty of words?

“It starts with a vision”

Who would love to have this case as a gift? Perhaps someone you know who likes sci-fi since the design features an outer space motif? 



More motivational quotes displayed on a wide variety of products can be found in this mega collection! Browse through today!



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Lynnrose Designs

Lynnrose Designs has an amazingly bountiful selection of invitations! From wedding suites to birthday part invites and even more!

If you need an invitation for a party, I’d recommend stopping by and looking through this store.

But did you know that there are some cute gift ideas throughout this store?

There is such a beautiful array of cute cartoons and chic patterns.

Best of all, they’re in soft pastel colors!

Lilac Purple Polka Dots Passport Holder

Here’s a beautiful pastel purple passport holder! It is so pretty!

The polka dots is a classic design that is always a delightful favorite.

Another great feature, is that you can customize this design.

Add a name in a graceful script.

That name is within an elegant ribbon – like border of thin dark lavender purple, white outline and more lilac hues!

Wouldn’t this look great to hold your passport for your next holiday? Or do you know someone going on vacation soon, would they like this? 



Ladybirds Personalized Toy Tote Bag

When I see ladybugs (ladybirds), they remind me of summer!

They are so cheery!

But did you know these cute little guys are a symbol of protection and good luck? It’s lucky, especially, if one lands on you!

Believe it or not, it’s already happened to me! One landed on my arm, just this past Saturday at the local park. I was relieve to find out it was something cute and not a spider.

Anyway, this tote bag has many cute things about it.

Firstly, you can add a name! The script is playful.

Then there are so many hearts floating around. That’s a lovable message in itself.

Next, there is a whole group together! It’s like a ladybug family out and about and enjoying their day.

Wouldn’t this be great for a child you know that has a birthday coming up?



Horse Magnet | Rustic Dark Wood

This next design is equestrian themed.  It has so many fantastic design elements to share!

There is a modern mix of fonts!

The saying is “Life is good” and “Horses make it better”

Then there is a horse portrait on the side on that quote and it’s framed

You could leave it just because it’s a beautiful horse or add your own horse.

The background is a rustic wood reminiscent of a barn.

This charming magnet would be great for the horse rider in your life – even if its a western style rider or an English style rider!


Want to find out more horse themed designs? This  collection from Lynnrose Designs would be the best place to look! Right away, you can see there are clocks, frames, mugs and more!



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Zazzle Gifts 4 U

This store has very cute cartoons! Each one is adorable! The main thing is you can customize the designs to add a name. Some are cute characters in a whimsical pattern. Other cuddly designs shine on their own.

There are even adorable little designs for the holidays!

Here is a selection of some of the cutest ones that stood out:

Sunshine Baby T-Shirt

Now that we’re here in the summer months, this design is so pleasantly cute!

It’s a lovely star – our Sun.  It has a tiny smile and rosy cheeks.

Beautiful warm sunshine radiates outwards.

Seeing it has to make you smile too!

Don’t you think this would look great for a day at the beach? 

Or how about a child’s first day at swimming lessons? 


Cute Animals iPhone Case

This design is so cute, it actually says “so cute” in a cartoon bubble!

Continuing on with the star theme throughout this issue, each of the cuddly pastel animals are holding a star or near one!

Don’t they all look so happy?

Plus, the light blush pink in the background is always a plus!

Wouldn’t this make a great gift along with someone’s first iphone? 



Flowers and Leaves Custom All-Over-Print Tote

Flowers and leaves adorn this tote bag. It’s in a repeating pattern almost like a fractal or a quilt pattern.

It’s really cool!

Also, the rainbow hues are in a outward circle pattern.

Did you notice too that the center is an light green tone and then a bright orange tone and then in radiates outward from the center?

It’s a creative way to be colorful!

Wouldn’t this tote bag be a cheerful gift? It could be a tote to carry knitting or crochet supplies.

Bright Side of Life Poster

Bonus! Here’s another design from Zazzle Gifts 4 U because I usually add a note about a store’s collection but since this store doesn’t have collections you get another gift description! Which is totally okay!

One of the things that’s always popular as a gift are motivational and inspirational quotes!

This poster is adorable because it has a mix of fun fonts, colors to highlight it’s meaning and little decorative motifs that make it extra special.

“Always look on the bright side of life”

Wouldn’t this be a great poster to frame as art? Do you know anyone who would enjoy this as a gift? Particularly, if they love inspiration!



What do you think about these designs and products?

It’s a preview of the abundance of creativity and product selection available in these stores. Visit them today! Thanks for reading this fifth edition of Creative and Chic Zazzle Stores Roundup.




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