Life is Beautiful, a Graceful and Elegant Typography Collection

Life is beautiful! La vie est belle! That is a quote used as a typography design for this collection. It’s a timeless quote because it’s so inspirational and sometimes, we need reminders to bring in more gratitude. Plus, it is also a reminder to be aware of the little things that make life so beautiful. Some examples would be a smile that makes your day, someone made you laugh, the sunset was stunning, spending quality time with family, and more. It’s easy to start a list. This collection features that inspirational message. 

This design is features a typography style that is modern and reminiscent of a fashion magazine’s font something like Vogue or InStyle would use. The font here is in a classic ink hue. It’s modern and still classic. That is so great!

Here is a fun promotional design I made for the collection! Grey is so trendy! Please share if you like it! 


There are currently 28 products in the collection. 


Here is a quick sample of some of the selection:

This product is the poster! Imagine having these inspirational words lighten up your living space! I’d recommend placing it somewhere’d you see it often and with friends and a family like a dinning room or living room.

One of the best parts about this design is the minimalist approach. It’s the words placed and spaced evenly for a harmonious feel. Because of this, you can dress up this poster using a frame that suites you and your room’s current decor. Plus you can always mix and match! 

Some other things to note about the posters, Zazzle has 5 different paper options. The sizing option is up to you.

This option is a custom size option, but there are 23 other selection choices available. It’s that fantastic!

Next is a mug! French roast coffee and a croissant to go along with your French Quote mug! Or you can have a baguette slice or whatever you normally have like avocado slices on sprouted grain toast with poached eggs. Yum!

This could also make a great gift idea for a coworker because the inspirational message can help! Remember, every little bit helps and deadlines are so stressful!

Here is the design on a crew tee.  The Women’s Alternative Apparel Crew Neck T-shirt is one of the best selling tees they have because it’s 100 % cotton that is soft, preshrunk, and a flattering look because of the tapered waist. This would look good with a bright cardigan pairing! Or even a beautiful botanical pattern would look nicely with this tee.  If it’s cold or chilly enough, try a blazer.  You can dress up the design or dress casually.



This next product continues with the grey theme. This tshirt is in a grey heather option. There is another white option too. This would look perfect for a casual and cool look for the weekend!


Here’s another creative promotional poster I made for Pintrest! It features two other options to choose from a sweater and a crew neck tee. Please repin if you like it.

Some other articles about collection: 

In the collection there are some cute baby products. One example is:

Another product with the design is a tote! You can carry your book or farmer’s market produce in a chic bag! A nice accessory made of 100% natural material. It’s also available in 5 different sizes and all of them durable. So this would be a fashionable choice!


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