5 Ways to Get Out of a Creative Rut

Just the other day it seems being creative and productive was so easy!

Getting your words out was a breeze or creating digital art made the entire day fly by so fast!

But recently, it’s seems like hours without getting anything creative done but it’s really only a few minutes!

It’s not fair!


What can you do?!

Isn’t it frustrating that as a creative, when you need to write the words just aren’t coming by and when you need to draw or be artistic – your design isn’t working out the way you want it to?

It can be overwhelming when you make yourself be creative on the spot!

Then it becomes easy to –  actually – loose  even more  motivation because you’re not feeling as successful as you could be.

You’re at your desk or designated work space and, soon, you find it’s even harder to create!

Does this sound familiar?

That’s writer’s block

Also known as a creative slump

Have you been in a creative rut lately?

How do you get out of a creative rut?

Here’s a simple list of suggestions to get you back on track and creating wonderful things again.

1.) Take a Break

This one could be one of the hardest to do because it’ll be hard to get away, especially if you’re goal-oriented because you usually tell yourself you HAVE to be here to create.

One way to take a break is to step away from your work space.

It’ll be okay.

Give yourself at least 20 minutes to step away.

Go grab a coffee or tea. Make a sandwich or snack.

This is going to be a time to get away and relax with meditation.


2.) Get Moving

This suggestions is somewhat like the first but concentrating more of your time to movement.

For example, try walking outside and get some fresh air for 10 minutes or more.

Perhaps, you’d prefer a yoga class.

Maybe, it’s swimming that you want to try instead.

When you can get your mind off of what you’re thinking, this is the best time for creative ideas and inspiration to really come back!

3.) Admire other Creatives

Maybe taking some time to admire your creative peers would help you?

Perhaps they have a technique or a creative approach that reignites your own creativity. That’s not saying you have to go copy, that’s not the case.

But, it’s seeing another perspective that can give you new eyes to see your own work.

Another option would be to visit a museum and see painting or contemporary artworks at a gallery.

It’s their colors and the technique that can possibly revive your own inner muse!

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4.) Create a list (jot down ideas or doodle)

This would be a great way to just start doodling!

Why not have a little fun without an end goal in mind?

Listen to come music, start doodling or make some zentangles because some of the coolest designs come from doodling! ( a fun tip: add some color to fill in the spots after you doodled or created a zentangle)

Then, you can write lists down in a notebook of what you want to write or create.

Remember, this is like a fun game, don’t worry about style, about perfection or spelling…

Come back to it later and find out the gems!

I’ve done this for writing blog post titles (they are currently being scheduled and I’m using these suggestions to get some – much needed – writing done!)

5.) Work on something else

Recently, I had a similar experience where, I wrote a long blog post and published it.

The next evening, I tried really hard to write an new post, however, it felt like all I was doing was staring at the computer screen!

Basically, I went and worked on something else which was adding more designs to my store!

The next day, after accomplishing another task, such as adding more designs to my store, I felt renewed and, at the time was able to work enthusiastically on this article!

What could you work on instead that could help?

It doesn’t have to be work related either.

One suggestion would be to declutter your surroundings. And it doesn’t have to be a monumental task either.

A little bit goes a long way and if you feel inclined to continue and it makes you happy keep going because this happiness will come back to another area – your creativity!

Try these ideas today and supercharge your creativity!

This list is really just a way to jump-start you way out! There are plenty more ideas that can come to mind but rather than being overwhelmed with choices, these little actions done with care and gratitude (enjoy the time you have!) will certainly come back with love and more creativity!


What have you done in the past to get out of a creative rut?


Before you go…

This concludes a list of ways to inspire creativity for you! I wanted to try something a little different  and write about a new topic. At first it was hard, however, after following the some of these tips, I wrote this post!

I’m so glad I changed things up a bit this week! 

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