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Some great news! This is going to be a shorter post today, but just wanted to mention that the store’s inventory now has bargain prices! This is a customer appreciation event and it will be for the next few weeks. Most likely it will be for a month.  But, if there is demand for continued bargain prices, they will stay that way.  The rest of this blog post is going to be a list of some of the old and new pricing as examples of how much you can save with the new list price along with Zazzle’s promotional codes!

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French Quote: Nothing is impossible T-Shirt

“À vaillant cœur, rien d’impossible” means in French: “To a valiant heart, nothing impossible”. Valiant is another word for strong, courageous & brave. Bring these beautiful words into your everyday life or bring them to a friend or family member as a gift. In itself, this is a wonderful mantra to remind you of your own lionhearted days.

Old price: $26.35

aloha mahalo modern typography yellow accent pillow

Aloha means in the Hawaiian language “hello” and “goodbye”, but it also is a loving expression of peaceful joyful sharing of the present moment. Mahalo in the Hawaiian language means thank you and general expressiveness of gratitude. Words with meaning, words with positivity presented in a timeless mix of fonts to display the island lifestyle and love of all things Hawaiian. This design is presented with a cheery bright yellow to remind you of summer and sunny days.

Old price: $27.55



Modern Marble Trendy Luxe Bold Minimalist Business Card

A sophisticated pink and mauve marble business card with white hue font to boldly, proudly and elegantly display your name ( in this design it’s double spacing to have a wider reach across the card). The reverse side the symmetrical element of double spacing is for your profession. The minimal element is displayed with the office address and the other side is your telephone and email address. All you have to do is fill in your information and you have a sophisticated business card to make a successful first impression.

Old Price: $27.65 per pack of 100

Top Posts this month:

Very Chic in French ( très chic ) Tote Bag

Here is a fun + stylish typography design featuring the French phrase “très chic” in all capitalized letters. The spacing and font were selected to show a modern edge to the perennial favorite expression. A design for all ages and occasions especially for anyone who enjoys all things French! Bien sûr ! (of course!)

Old Price: $10.35


Personalize Stars Diamond – Motif // Shine Bright Trucker Hat

Shine Bright – with a diamond to dot and adorn the I. The design has a photo from nasa, and each one of those that you see glittering – is a star! Sparkling, Special + Unique, just like the stars. This design is one of a kind! This design has a template: add your name, changes fonts, rearrange or resize as needed. Photo credit: nasa

Old Price: $16.15


Luxe Faux Gold Coin + Monogram Motif // Modern Business card

Minimalist, Elegant, Sophisticated – this modern design has that appeal. The circle motif represents a gold coin  with a monogram option! Underneath, your full name is centered for a more memorable effect and then your profession in italics….. (please note, this is a faux gold digital design of a golden sheen, it’s a “gold look” not made with real gold) The gold look provides a modern, contemporary and luxe design with a black background. The text is modern and fitting for a consultant or stylist. The centered text is in a complimenting hue. Simple . Sleek . Striking . All of which is memorable. This design is a template. Add your information + your done! “have a successful and prosperous business year ahead” – best wishes from Lucky Design World!

Old Price: $28.00

Forest Green Joyeux Noel Merry Christmas in French T-Shirt
 A typography design to celebrate the season of a Merry Christmas with a cool, minimal, elegant font and in French. Here is the option of a rich evergreen forest hue as a background hue to compliment the snowflake hue of the bolder and larger text variation of “Joyeux Noel” which is French for Merry Christmas! Great as a modern gift for happy holidays and during the winter season!
Old Price: $33.70

Forest Green Joyeux Noel Merry Christmas in French T-Shirt

Forest Green Joyeux Noel Merry Christmas in French T-Shirt

by LuckyDesignWorld

Om (Aum) Symbol – Nebula Motif // Yoga Tank Top

Om – the sound & pulse of the universe. This design features the beloved Om symbol along with a nebula design within it. A beautiful symbol to have around to inspire and heal. Great for anyone who practices Yoga. Photo credit: nasa

Old Price: $28.30

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