National Hug Your Cat Day: A gift guide all about cats!

Happy National Hug Your Cat Day!

That day is celebrated this year on June 4th!

This gift guide is centered around that theme of cats because if you know someone who has a cat, then getting them a gift with a cat design is easy to do…

– but –

any old cat gift just won’t do.  Pick from one of these designs because are trendy, cute and some are funny! 

And if you don’t have a cat but like cats anyway, you’ll enjoy these designs too!

Before We Get Started….

Here are some fun cat facts:

  • National Adopt a Cat Month is in June! Here’s an article from about how you can help if you can’t adopt.
  • A group of cats is called a clowder
  • Cats are the most popular pets in the United States!
  • Cute Youtube videos about cats are actually good for you by boosting your postive emotions! Here’s the article from LiveScience.
  • Cats can sweat through their paws!
  • Cats purr at the same frequency as an idling diesel engine.

Here are the fantastic feline gifts!

1. Lots of Cats Post – It Notes

This first design is a six cartoon cats for this adorable post -it notes.  Each kitten is different! One is calico, orange, grey, black, grey tabby and an orange tabby!

They decorate the post it note like a frame and are so cute!

Wouldn’t this be a fun gift for a co-worker and brighten up a design with a cheery design? 

2. Because Cats Button

This button is a hand-drawn doodle look of many cats. It says : “because cats” in a hand – lettering fashion.

I’ll guess that if you love cats and have cats, you already know the answer.  It will make a cute little gift.

This button would look especially cute decorating a tote that’s carrying books. 

3. Black Cat Two Tone Coffe Mug

“Black Cat  Two Tone Coffee Mug” would make an ideal gift for not only a cat lover but also a minimalist!

This design is striking in the fact that it has only the essentials. The outline of the cat and it’s eyes.

 It’s eyes are looking up. Could they be looking for your breakfast? 

4. Halloween Witch Cat Illustration

“Halloween Witch Cat Illustration” is a fun pillow to decorate with for the Halloween and, even throughout the fall season.

The bright moon stands out and the cute kitten with big eyes is wearing a witch hat!

This would be a wonderful gift for anyone who likes cats and trick-or-treating. 


5. Alice in Wonderland | Cheshire Cat Smiling Poster

Alice in Wonderland has a famous character : the Cheshire Cat! This poster is a cute pink cartoon that features a smiling cat that looks like fun!

Any cat lover that also loves Disney would appreciate a gift such as this! 


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6. Cute Cat Face Coffee Mug

This is another minimalist mug, but more minimalist that the previous mug mentioned! It’s super cute even with just the essentials to know it’s a cat – whiskers!

Wouldn’t this make a adorably witty gift? Who would you get it for? 


7. Yin Yang Cats Button

Here is an artsy Yin Yang Cats Button. The cats are representing an ancient philosophy of balance and harmony.

This would also be categorized as a minimalist design since it doesn’t have much detail but it works because it could be a distraction if there were more design elements.

Could you think of anyone in your life right now who could use this button? Remember this pin for their birthday or for the holidays! 

8. Cat Cocktail Whimsical Mix of Colorful Cats Throw

This next design is full of color! It’s a bounty of patterned felines!

They are all doing their thing – being cats!

The design is on a cozy and comfy throw blanket.

Click on this design so that you can zoom in, so you can actually see the incredible details that go into this whimsical cat design!

Don’t miss out – you have to see this artwork up close!

Wouldn’t this look fantastic on a couch or armchair?



9. Bumper Cat is Watching Tailgate 2 Bumper Sticker

A bumper sticker can actually be a fun gift – especially when it’s funny!

This one is a cat with attitude –

or more like “cattitude”!

(I had to include that bad joke)

Joking aside, the cat is still cute being grouchy and grumpy.

If you know a cat person with humor, this will be a memorable gift!

10. Space Cats LOL Funny Fleece Blanket

What is a cat gift guide without a space themed cat design?

There are plenty of designs but this one is cute with the pink planets.Two tabby cats are featured and they have funny expressions!

It’s a fleece blanket, perhaps you know someone who’d like this as a gift? 

11. Women’s Meowy Christmas Ugly Cat T-shirt

A Holiday gift with a cat design is always an excellent choice. Choose this one because it follows in the “Ugly Christmas” design category but it’s actually pretty cool. Or is it purr-ty cool? 

It says “Meowy Christmas” instead of merry and it’s a cute kind of cheesy.

Who’d you think like this as a gift? Perhaps yourself so you can wear it to a holiday party? 


12. Cat Francisco Postcard

This next design is a postcard so it’d make a cute little gift to send someone!  It says “Cat Francisco” instead of “San Francisco’.
It has all the landmarks of that trendy city – such as the Golden Gate Bridge.
The design has a coordinated color scheme: oranges, yellows and blues.
The two cats are under the moon. It’s a classic theme that is always popular!
Who’d you send this card to? Just another suggestion: you could even use a postcard as a book mark too!  


13. Cats Brass Trio: Jazz Band Tote

Who wouldn’t want a tote bag featuring a Jazz band of cats! This is a fantastic and creative idea!

It’s three cats and each of them are playing an instrument.

One is wearing cool shades.

It’s a lively design and would make an ideal gift for someone who likes to collect cat themed totes or someone who likes music. Or even both! 

14. Sleep Relax Repeat Cat Pillow

Why count sheep when you can have a cute cuddly cat pillow!

This one is an adorable kitty with a true cat mantra:

  • sleep
  • relax
  • repeat.

This pillow has comforting pink elements in the font and the pink cloud surrounding the word sleep.

Get this pillow for someone who likes to lounge! 


15.  Cute Kawaii Calico Kitty Cat

Last but not least, it’s a kawaii (cute in Japanese) cartoon calico cat!

It has big eyes, a friendly smile and little ears!

Plus, it’s a design where you can add a name!

This mouse pad would make the perfect gift for someone who works at home or someone who like all things – kawaii!


Before you go…

This concludes this very first gift guide dedicated entirely to just cat-themed designs!

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