Creative and Chic Zazzle Stores Roundup: Issue 6

Volume 1, Issue 6.

Celebrating Creativity! 

Hi there! Did you notice something different about this  issue? It’s actually published a few days earlier than the previous ones!

This is a good issue too!

Every day, I find new Zazzle stores I want to write about and share their products.

It is incredibly fun to share these fabulous designs and meet their amazingly cool Designers along the way when I have the chance!

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National Hug Your Cat Day: A gift guide all about cats!

Happy National Hug Your Cat Day!

That day is celebrated this year on June 4th!

This gift guide is centered around that theme of cats because if you know someone who has a cat, then getting them a gift with a cat design is easy to do…

– but –

any old cat gift just won’t do.  Pick from one of these designs because are trendy, cute and some are funny! 

And if you don’t have a cat but like cats anyway, you’ll enjoy these designs too!

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National Donut Day – a Sweet Gift Guide


This gift guide is going to be different because the theme of this guide is all about donuts! National Donut Day this year is June 2nd.



It’s celebrated on the first Friday of every June. But there’s more to it than just stopping by your local bakery or coffee shop.


Do you know the origin of this holiday? It actually started because of the Salvation Army as a way to honor the women volunteers in 1938 who made donuts for soldiers overseas to boost morale. There is another holiday for National Donut Day again in November.


Here is a showcase of designs – a dozen of them – that feature this fantastic happy treat!

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Motivational Quotes Poster Gallery: Top Picks

A linkround up list and art gallery style featuring eight beautiful  posters that are motivational because they all have inspirational messages! In the Zazzle Market Place, there is a variety of motivational quotes to choose from, some examples would be motivation to work out, quotes for success, quotes about loving life, quotes about your dreams and how important they are to have them. Because there are so many, this blog post will focus on a few top picks and showcase what makes them trendy and unique!  Continue reading “Motivational Quotes Poster Gallery: Top Picks”

Creative and Chic Zazzle Stores Roundup: Issue 3

Volume 1, Issue 3.

Celebrating Creativity! 

Because the first  issue of Creative and Chic Zazzle Stores Roundup was successful, there was  a second issue and now a there’s a third!  This issue continues the theme of Zazzle stores but with a mix of new and established stores.  One thing to remember is that the Zazzle Market Place is gigantic and because I’m there everyday is becomes second nature to spot what is trendy and what is unique. The products in this issue are all quality!

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10 Gifts for the Traveler under $20

In addition to finding great stores and their designs in the Zazzle Marketplace, such as two popular blog posts: Creative and Chic Zazzle Stores Roundup and it’s second issue, another way to showcase some of the unique designs in a link roundup is a gift guide! Because of modern technology and social networking, traveling around the world has become convenient and affordable! Everyday, more people are flying, using uber and airbnb to see new places affordably and revisit relaxing getaways using deals!

Here is a short list of 10 wonderful, trendy and unique travel themed designs and products to gift the traveler in your life! Continue reading “10 Gifts for the Traveler under $20”