Totes for the Beach: 20 cute bags for summer under $25

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I’ve already been blogging since April and since then I’ve written about fantastic stores and some of the coolest items they have. Then, I’ve curated some more gift guides.

One of my most popular gift guides is : Gift Guide for the Traveler. Every find is under $20!

So, I’ve decided that I wanted to continue and create more series!

It’s summer and everybody is on the go! Lots of activities like picnics, graduation parties, weddings, office parties, celebrations to attend, vacations to jet set to, and more!

A summer must – at least once – is going to the beach!

This blog post is starting the Summer Series!

For the most part, I think it would be better for this series to have it focus on one product and a summer/beach theme for each post.

Designs that showcase:

  • beaches
  • ocean
  • sea life
  • boating
  • famous beaches
  • beach quotes
  • artistic

Another part of this guide is to make sure that the focus is budget friendly. So a reasonable price on totes would be under $25.

As of this writing, the list retail price for everyone was under that amount.

Keep in mind, if you want the design on a different size of tote, that is an option -especially if you want to fit more beach gear in – but that can increase the price.

But- all of these designs are cute and….with a Zazzle promotion code, you could end up saving BIG!


Don’t Keep That Beach Waiting Funny Typography Pun Tote

This design starts off the totes gift guide list and it has many cool elements about it.

The background is of warm sand and light blue ocean waters!

The design displayed prominently is the circle design with many cool features.

The design has two quotes:

Get outside!

Don’t keep that beach waiting!

The designs has many elements of the beach life. There are silhouettes of seagulls, a dolphin jumping out of waves, a sailboat enjoying the day, palm trees and a large splash of waves with another dolphins tail!

Also, did you notice the sun silhouette also? It is decorative with it’s sunshine rays also being wavy.

There is a lot of movement going on in the design and along with the quotes, it’s motivating to go plan your next day at the beach!

Fun fact: A group of dolphins is called a pod of dolphins.


Life is a Beach – Tropical Tote

A tote with a tropical twist!

The quote on this tote is:

Life is a Beach

The beach is a shiny element that is fun!

The illustration is light and airy. It looks like a breezy day at the beach, doesn’t it?

The artwork is beautiful. The white plumeria with sunny bright yellows  is clearly visible and behind the palm is a seashell. A favorite find while walking along the shoreline.

Did you notice something else?

You can add a monogram or your initials!

It’s a fun way to make it your own.

Fun Fact: did you know that plumeria is also known as “frangipane” flower or in Hawaii it’s called “melia”?


Nautical Navy Blue Anchor Coral Peach Stripe Beach

This tote is preppy cute! It has a minimalist design approach to it just sticking with a stripe background and an anchor symbol.

What’s different about this is the color combination that works!

The background is a warm apricot pink color.

The anchor is in a rich navy blue tone.

This would look good on the beach next to your lounge chair!

Fun Fact: An anchor is a good luck symbol of stability and strength.


Life is Better in Flip Flops

This tote is a cute cartoon design!

When you think of the quote, you end up agreeing:

Yes, life is better in flip flops!

How cute is this design?

This adorable tote has flip flops in a minimal design of a silhouette fashion and in a bright sky blue look. Doesn’t the flip flops arrangement look as if you could’ve kicked them off and hopped into the ocean waters!

There are dots around the quote and flip flops and it looks like sand.

There is a starfish too!

The quote is in hand-written script.

All the design elements come together and it would look fabulous on the beach!

Fun Fact: International Flip Flop Day is every third Friday in June!

On Beach Time Typography Bag

This design is on trend with typography!

It’s a simple font, however, what makes it different is what’s inside the type.

It’s clear blue ocean water on a bright sunny day! You’ll need your sunglasses. Where’s your sunnies? 

And the quote:

On beach time

It says and conveys so much with a great approach to minimalism.

Fun fact: beach time is also known as #beachtime on social media and share your beach destinations and fun moments!

Light Purple Hawaii Aloha Mahalo Typography

This next design is one of the newest items in Lucky Design World’s popular collection!

It’s a typography design that is in an elegant minimalism presentation.

The color chosen for this list is in a light purple to be a little different from the usual blues and yellows. (But those options are available -even in Hawaiian sunset hues and another in pastel rainbow tones, when you click through on the link, you can see them at my store)

The cool thing about this design is that it features two typography elements.

Aloha – is in script

Mahalo – is in type

Together they make a unique and strikingly memorable combination.

Make a loving and beachy statement with this tote!

Fun Fact: Did you know that in Hawaiian “aloha” means love and “mahalo” means thank you?


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Tropical Palm Beach Vibes All-Over-Print Tote Bag

This tote has feathery palm leaves as the main element of it’s design rather than water…

but this one is cute and still beachy because of it’s quote:

beach vibes

It’s in a combination of typography which is popular right now.

Beach is in a handwritten script look

Vibes is in regular type

The two together make a fun statement!

Also, another neat element is the playfulness of the palms. They are all together and each one is in a different pastel color – some are yellow, some are blue, some are coral pink and some are green!

Fun fact: Beach vibes is also popular on social media using the hashtag. #beachvibes is a way to show how your day at the beach is going – usually extremely fun!


Under the Sea Beach Tote

Wouldn’t this tote be perfect for celebrating a happy World’s Ocean Day?!

Its so whimsical in it’s presentation!

There is unique sea life with the abundance of fish. I see three different schools of fish.

And they are all swimming in between the seaweeds that gracefully sway with the ocean’s currents.

Another feature of the design that is likable is the gradients of blues. Each one is refreshing to look at on a hot day.

The orange fish really stands out among the blues, purples and greens.

Fun fact: Seaweed is considered an algea. Only green seaweed is a plant.


Bright Sunbrella Beach Tote

This next design is adorable! It’s a illustration of the beach with two lounge chairs.

The chairs have a fun and cheerful rainbow design.

The waves are in the background which look perfect for swimming or surfing.

There is the  bright orange and yellow midday Sun with is happy sunshine!

Another cool feature about this tote is that you can customize it and add both a name and a monogram!

That makes it extra special!

Fun fact: An umbrella to block out the Sun’s rays and provide shade is called a “parasol”.


PixDezines Vintage Hawaiian Beach/Coral/Teal

This tote is one of the most colorful on this list! It’s another all-over print like the previous one.

This tote has it’s theme above the sea on the shores and it’s color scheme is more orange and red to show just how beautiful Hawaiian sunsets are!

The overall look of the bag looks like artwork!

It appears to be an abstract art piece or perhaps it looks like an impression’s piece?

Either way, it’s so colorful and would make a great beach bag.

The monogram is in modern greyscale. Grey is very trendy right now.

Fun fact: Hawaii is the only State in America that grows coffee.

Florida Tote (A perfect beach tote!)

Here’s another state that has famous beaches!


The entire state is presented on the bag.

This design is in black and white.

The inside of the state features many cool elements! Florida is written in bold with a heart inside the word.

The entire portion of the drawing looks to be hand drawn and then digitized.

The patterns look like a mandala!

This would be a fun gift or take it with you on your next Florida Vacation!

Fun fact: In 2016, more than 112 million tourists visited Florida.


Take Me to the Beach Sea Water Blue Sky Ocean Sand

All-over prints are a great beach bag because they can showcase the beach while at the beach!

The picture of the beach in the background is bright and blue.

This one is has a fun but motivational saying:

Take me to the beach

Not only is the water clear, but the message is clear!

This is a fantastic bag! The font is modern and the beach is bold!

Even when you’re not at the beach, you can show off your love of the oceans and beach lifestyle!

Fun fact: The Pacific Ocean covers about 30% of the world’s surface.


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BEACH PLEASE TOTE BAG, photo with funny quote

Here’s a fantastic typography design that has a beach scene within the words!

It’s a script and bold font that says:

Beach Please

The picture inside has ocean water and it looks like a sunset! I love how bright it is!

The sunset illuminates from the center of the word beach.

Altogether it has a fun design!

Fun fact: In the Pacific ocean – The deepest part of the Mariana Trench is 7,044 feet (2,147 m) deeper than Everest is tall. ( Everest is 29,026 feet (8,848 m) tall.)


Beach Chairs Bag

This next design has a minimalist approach.  It is two shades of blue and then it has some brown for the chairs’ legs.

In a red cursive font it says:

Welcome to Key West

It just feels so relaxing to see this design.

Its as if it’s inviting you to go to Key West and just have a peaceful time on the beach after a long work day!

Fun fact: The Florida Keys are called keys because “Key” is derived from the Spanish word cayo, meaning small island.


Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat.

This tote features a recipe of beach lifestyle!

  • Eat.

  • Beach.

  • Sleep.

  • Repeat.

They are in a color turquoise blue color.

It’s a reminder of how fun it is to spend everyday and all day at the beach!

Think of all the fun things to do! Play volleyball, swimming, grilling, reading a book and listening to the waves, etc.

What do you like best about spending all day on the beach? 

Fun fact: The first account of surfing was given in 1778 by Captain James Cook when he saw it being practiced in Hawaii.

Azure Beach Tote

This tote has an adorable hand-drawn design of a compass and other nautical symbols.

There is N for North.

S for South.

An anchor and a wave symbol.

This is for someone who likes both boating and the beach but they really go hand in hand.

Another aspect of this design is the shades of blue.

Fun fact: One of the earliest man-made navigation tools was the mariner’s compass

Aqua Seahorses by Michelle Mospens | Tote Bag

A beautiful pair of seahorses are the design of this next bag!

Look at the detail! – It’s remarkable!

The design is a watercolor painting with shades of blue, green and white.

Even though, it’s not of a beach scene, it still is in the list because it’s something found while snorkeling and then after that, there’d still be time for the beach.

And the illustration is just so marvelous!

Fun fact: Seahorses are a good luck symbol representing friendliness and contentment.

Tropical Typography OAHU HAWAII // Personalize Keepsake Tote

Oahu is home to Waikiki Beach! A fabulous destination for millions of tourists year round!

And here is a tote that features a bold sporty – type typography and palm trees!

It shows off a bright sky!

A very modern design that you can use to remind you of your recent vacation to Hawaii or for just your appreciation of Hawaii too.

It is customizable so you can keep the message and make it your own.

Or you can choose to have the design only.

There are many options!

The bag will look lovely on the beach and to have all summer long!

Fun fact:  Oahu is the third largest Hawaiian island and is home to the majority of Hawaii’s diverse population.

Malibu Beach Totebag

Malibu Beach is an iconic summer designation.

This bag shows off that cool summertime vibe in it’s design.

It has a well-worn look that is trendy.

It has “Malibu Beach California” encircling the design.

Within is a minimal and symbolic design.

A sun, palm trees, a beach and some waves.

It’s really the perfect formula for a great beach day!

Fun fact: Malibu is a beachfront city in western Los Angeles County, California and has a Mediterranean -like climate.

Teal Starfish Beach Tote

Last but not least is this cool blue starfish design!

It’s an all over print. The starfish are in a random pattern and are in a delicate white to contrast with the light blue background.

Each of the starfish are different and is a perfect pattern that will match to your beach outfit!

Fun fact: Most starfish have five arms, but there are sea stars with ten, twenty or even forty arms.

All of these totes have simply wonderful summery and beachy designs that will have you ready for vacation mode!

Get all of your beach gear ready and pick a tote you like best!

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